PhD student in McGill's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Over 20 years of experience in mobile software design and development as a software developer (primarily C/C++), program manager, and entrepreneur. Dual citizenship: Canada and USA.

Princeton University, B.S.E. Computer Science, magna cum laude, 1994
McGill University, French for Professional Communication certificate program, 2011
In progress: McGill University, PhD student, Electrical and Computer Engineering, September 2013-present


McGill University, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Montréal, Canada: PhD student (Sep. 2013 - present)

McGill University, Shared Reality Lab, Montréal, Canada: Research Assistant (Nov. 2008-Sep. 2013) (personal project, currently offline) (2006-2008)

Glass Lantern, LLC, Washington, DC (2002-2007)

MindSurf Networks, McLean, VA: Experience Designer / Director of Product Design (2001)

Microsoft Mobile Electronics Group, Redmond, WA: Program Manager / Lead Program Manager (1994-2000)

NeXT Computer, Inc., Redwood City, CA (various 1991-1994)



Inventor on 13 issued US Patents:

  1. 5805164 Data display and entry using a limited-area display panel
  2. 6593949 Smart column for contact information on palm-sized computing devices and method and apparatus for displaying the same
  3. 6633924 Object synchronization between objects stores on different computers
  4. 6664991 Method and apparatus for providing context menus on a pen-based device
  5. 6727917 User interface for palm-sized computing devices and method and apparatus for displaying the same
  6. 6727830 Time based hardware button for application launch
  7. 6760696 Fast start voice recording and playback on a digital device
  8. 6819315 Soft input panel system and method
  9. 6901559 Method and apparatus for providing recent categories on a hand-held device
  10. 7411582 Soft input panel system and method
  11. 7533352 Method and apparatus for providing context menus on a hand-held device
  12. 7669208 Object synchronization between object stores on different computers
  13. 8066372 Binocular vision assessment and/or therapy


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