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Current Employment
I am currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In addition to my resume, you can also refer to my Linked In profile. I've also assembled a page of Links & Mentions that contains a sampling of publicly available comments about me and my work. My bio is available in French or English.
A former project, which I hope to have time to continue at some point - "Everyone believes in something."

Glass Lantern, LLC
The website of my now defunct Washington, DC Limited Liability Company (LLC) that made very fast, very reliable digital photography software for professional photographers, mostly for Pocket PC PDAs. I shut it down in October, 2007. The RAWpository was a sub-project that created a freely usable repository of RAW format camera images for testing and software development.

My small attempt at contributing to the Washington, DC arts scene while I lived there. The blog started off as just a weekly table listing all of the photography exhibits and events in the DC area. It has been defunct since early 2007 and is no longer at its original location, but is kept here for posterity.

Command line Linux on a laptop powered by 4 AA batteries
Why command line can be your best friend, and how to do it with an ancient Gateway Handbook. I did this project in 2004, predating the 2008 infatuation with tiny laptops like the Asus eee.